High quality Over Amount; Course of Over End result

Julie needs to make the varsity basketball crew. Totally motivated and uncertain of the place to start, she decides that she’s going to keep late after open gyms and shoot 200 free-throws each day. She finishes all her reps on day one, however it positive was annoying.


The final 100 photographs, her thoughts is wherever however on the rim. She’s occupied with what’s for dinner, what she’s sporting to the soccer sport Friday, and whether or not Kevin will probably be there. She rushes by means of to get dwelling and on along with her life. The following day this sample is barely amplified. The photographs begin positive however rapidly dissolve into sloppy, rushed reps. As is commonly the case, her plan sounded higher in idea.



Regardless of her efforts, Julie is definitely getting worse at capturing free-throws. She’d have been much better off, deciding to shoot 50 photographs per day after which taking the time to focus, execute, and proper every rep. As a substitute, she bolstered poor mechanics and really impeded her personal progress.


We do that on a regular basis in coaching. Relatively than concentrate on high quality reps, Julie centered on a formidable sounding, arbitrary quantity, 200, and decided that by doing extra work she was sure to get higher.


In my second ever Breaking Muscle piece, I recognized the three fallacies driving the Extra is At all times Higher fable:


Do extra in much less time (density) Transfer extra weight (depth) Do extra complete work (quantity)


In the present day, I’ll revisit these and add nuance.


High quality Over Amount

“Observe doesn’t make good. Good observe makes good.”

Vince Lombardi


We frequently overlook that power and energy are abilities. A lot of our coaching enhancements are neurological. Each motion sample is a posh live performance the place many muscle tissue, every having totally different duties and sequence, contract in symphony to stability and drive in opposition to resistance.


Neural pathways develop into faster and extra environment friendly from crisp, high quality reps. Constant work is important for ability improvement, however solely when that work is completed properly. When kind and high quality falter, we reinforce poor patterns. In the case of excessive depth or technical work, all the time prioritize high quality over amount.


There are methods to shift a exercise and hit the identical variety of reps whereas not sacrificing high quality. For instance, my soccer crew was working at 3×5 on the RDL for a number of weeks. They had been getting stronger, however I began to see extra breakdowns in method than I preferred. Utilizing my autoregulated system, too many had allowed themselves to sacrifice kind within the pursuit of upper weights.



Quality Over Quantity; Process Over Outcome - Fitness, strength and conditioning, goal setting, programming, exercise plan, quality, training programs, coaching process, movement quality, daily practice

Images by Bev Childress of Fort Value, Texas


My answer was to carry them on the similar weights, however shift the plan to 5×3. Athletes had been now doing the identical variety of reps on the similar weight, however they had been benefitting from these reps as a result of that they had the power to execute.


For an athlete, it is very important keep in mind that, with few exceptions, the burden room is for getting stronger and extra highly effective. Cardio or metabolic conditioning ought to often be completed with out weights (we will all consider exceptions, however this holds true for many crew sports activities).


With that in thoughts, ditch the brutal, gut-busting units of 20. In case you aren’t a bodybuilder, why do a again squat ten instances? Even my early yr method progressions are achieved at decrease reps, with longer, managed tempos. I discover I can all the time get extra execution by lowering reps to 5 or fewer.


Course of Over End result

Specializing in amount wasn’t Julie’s solely mistake. She decided outcomes forward of time and misplaced the method. We see this always in sports activities, coaching, and life. For instance, Billy units a person objective, to hurry for 1,000 yards this season, and a crew objective, to win district. Each are completely meaningless.


The 1,000-yard objective is unfair. After all, he’d prefer to rush for extra yards reasonably than much less. It isn’t as if he’ll simply cease operating if he reached 1,000 yards. He’ll run simply as arduous whether or not the objective is there or not. Likewise, it’s apparent that he’ll need to win as many video games as attainable. Most significantly, nonetheless, he has no management of both objective. The coach may not give him sufficient carries and the road may not block properly sufficient.


It’s good to have a imaginative and prescient of the place we’d prefer to be and to always re-imagine the place that’s primarily based on our most up-to-date suggestions, however the main focus ought to all the time be on course of, not final result. In coaching, we’ll choose a quantity and decide that we need to elevate that a lot. In actuality, our objective is simply to get stronger earlier than we take a look at once more in eight weeks. At that time, we’ll re-evaluate our targets.


So, if the purpose is to get stronger the place will we put our emphasis? Efficiency keys. Efficiency keys are the task-conscious cues that make it easier to execute higher. For a bench press, that may be: drive heels down and again, hearth glutes, bend the bar. For a squat that may be: fill with air, drive elbows ahead, and unfold the ground.


The purpose is that our outcomes are all the time higher after we concentrate on executing in every second. A process-minded method requires mindfulness and self-reflection reasonably blind obsession on arbitrarily outlined targets. Create plan and set time to re-evaluate. If you find yourself working concentrate on high quality. The remaining takes care of itself.


As an ardent meditator, I’ve repeatedly skilled this course of. Anybody who begins meditating most likely does so for the host of advantages (decrease blood strain, to cut back stress, improved focus, better persistence, and so forth.).


But, what you be taught from meditation is that none of these targets might be pressured. The extra you concentrate on these outcomes, the much less profitable you may be. Enchancment solely comes from letting go of concentrate on outcomes and studying to expertise the sense of movement that drives high quality.


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